Kuukausiarkisto February, 2010

* 18.2.2010

Kirjoitettu 18.02.2010 - hrichert. Kategoriassa Sleeping.

I don’t remember my dreams from last night, but I really wanted to draw.

I slept only little, although I think sleeping is one of the most enjoyable things in life.

Some think that talking about dreams is boring, but I never get tired of the subject,

because, in a dream, anything can happen!


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* 11.2.

Kirjoitettu 11.02.2010 - hrichert. Kategoriassa Doubt.

– You don’t really need these two fingers. Let me cut them off! – Are you sure?

– Of course, plus I already froze them into position so it’s easy to cut. You’ll still have four left, that’s enough! – I’m not really sure about this.

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* 5.2.

Kirjoitettu 5.02.2010 - hrichert. Kategoriassa Lost.

Someone’s foreign grandfather was visiting. We were going to the museum, but he was afraid of the revolving door.

He rushed in and ended straight up to the staircase leading to the exit floor.

From upstairs I saw him try to get in with an old concert ticket.

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