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* 5.2.

Kirjoitettu 5.02.2010 - hrichert. Kategoriassa Lost.

Someone’s foreign grandfather was visiting. We were going to the museum, but he was afraid of the revolving door.

He rushed in and ended straight up to the staircase leading to the exit floor.

From upstairs I saw him try to get in with an old concert ticket.

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* 26.11.

Kirjoitettu 26.11.2009 - hrichert. Kategoriassa Lost.

I was a new student in a Chinese orphanage.

26.11.02 My grandmother had given me her own letters so that it would not appear like I didn’t have any friends.

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* 9.6.

Kirjoitettu 9.06.2009 - hrichert. Kategoriassa Lost.

An enormous ship, lots of red iron, endless rows of roomsI left my clothes in my room, but I can’t find it. The cleaning has already started.

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