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Kirjoitettu 17.03.2011 - hrichert. Kategoriassa Birth.

It was a peaceful day

Then: – Hey!

Is it coming NOW?

– RIP! –

– We need to go to the hospital right away! I can even see some water in there.

– You don’t have to go anywhere! It’s born already. Look, it’s even got it’s clothes on!

– Well, so I see.

– And look, you also fit your old clothes again!

– True.

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* Paksu tussi, pitkästä aikaa

Kirjoitettu 18.11.2010 - hrichert. Kategoriassa Religion.

We were in church with T.

We were bored, so we’d lie down on the church bench.

Then the priest came to us. – You should leave. You can’t be unchaste in here.

We aren’t! We were just resting.

Then why do I see your boobs if I do this?

– No you don’t!  – Honey, let’s just go.

When we were outside, I’d protest by climbing a tree and hissing at people from there.

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* 17.3. – Touch a boob day

Kirjoitettu 17.03.2010 - hrichert. Kategoriassa Doubt.

The breasts were sore. I watched in the mirror in amazement how they got bigger and bigger.

When I touched them, they were inflated like balloons.

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