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* 4.3.

Kirjoitettu 4.03.2010 - hrichert. Kategoriassa Culture.

A French museum had slides between the floors. I thought this kind of security would never be enough in Finland.

I looked down and saw the slide was made in Finland.

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* 11.2.

Kirjoitettu 11.02.2010 - hrichert. Kategoriassa Doubt.

– You don’t really need these two fingers. Let me cut them off! – Are you sure?

– Of course, plus I already froze them into position so it’s easy to cut. You’ll still have four left, that’s enough! – I’m not really sure about this.

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* 31.7.

Kirjoitettu 31.07.2009 - hrichert. Kategoriassa Injuries.


On the porch was a creature. Its head was like a fruit or a stone cut in half


It bit me quite badly, but the wounds healed right away.

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